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Best Budget 360° Camera 2018

This pocket size camera is packed with all the latest VR features that wont break your wallet. Checkout the latest update to stabalization which has launched this camera to the top of other 360 cameras in it's price range.

Insta 360 One Image Insta 360 One Image

Insta360 ONE

VR 360° Camera

Thanks to a recent firmware update, the Insta360 ONE has taken the title of best over budget camera in 2018. The firmware update drastically improved the camera’s stabilization with flowstate and added a new Pivot Points editing mode which allows you to pan between the interesting points in your video through the app. Stabilization is crucial to creating enjoyable videos and hyper lapses. Insta260 ONE has one of the best apps in the business for editing your videos. This camera provides a high level performance in all of the key features you want in a 360 camera such as stitching, color quality and stabilization. Things are always changing rapidly in the world of VR cameras as firmware updates continue to improve all cameras. Manufactures like insta360 ONE being ones of the best strive to improve their current products with software updates. Therefore its important to keep up with the latest changes with all the top contenders.

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